Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I think by now it's pretty obvious, but I'm still gonna say it: I've decided to write paranormal and dystopian romance. The reason being I found I like it very much. There's a lot more feeling and not quite so much action - action is good, but too mcuh of anything kinda takes the wind out of the stories's sails - which is a nice change for me, as it turns out I'm somewhat of a romantic. At least, I think I am. Read the upcoming books and decide for yourselves.

I'd also like to say that I watched Ironman 3 and wow! Just wow! The best Ironman movie so far! I loved it so much, I eneded up watching it twice in a row. The Trevor Slattery part was so funny. (Spoiler) He got what was coming to him, though - which is a good thing, even though he was just a tool. (End of spoiler)

Also, tomorrow I start my new job...Life's a tussle, you gotta hustle, right?

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