Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hello, guys, as I've mentioned before, I'll be splitting my Peter Simmons book into three different installments due to its length. That, in turn, means that I'll be having book giveaways for them, too, on Amazon.

And last but not least, tomorrow I have work again, which sucks...

Ramz out...

Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks - Start and Finish

So, my KDP one-day giveaway has come to an end. That said, it will be up for free on December 19th through to December 23rd. That's right, for four straight days. So, I'll be contacting as many book bloggers as possible and spreading the word. If you're a book blogger reading this, then please spotlight the book and drop me a notice in the comments below. I also encourage you to mention it on your blog as a giveaway.

I got two 5 star reviews on Amazon by the way, which is amazing, as they are my first, and another one on Goodreads.

So, I guess all that remains to be said, is the following: Sit tight and wait 'till the Victoria Carnahan series become bestselling books - #1 New York Times Bestsellers, that is. (wink, wink)

I'll get back to you soon....

Saturday, September 28, 2013


My Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks book just went free on Amazon for 24 hours. You can get your free copy here. Enjoy the read and spread the word.


So, this year I aim to be come an extremely prolific writer, whose books are entertaining and of good quality. Being an indie author, I think the volume of your work is just as important as its content. There are so many books available on the Internet that it's incredibly easy to have your voice drowned out. I believe that dedication, good writing and constant marketing should prevent that and yield some good results.

I already have two books availbale on Amazon (here they are) and I plan to add plenty more to that list, as I definitely do not suffer from a shortage of ideas. =) 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


That's it. Amazon just published my teenage pararnormal romance book Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks. You are encouraged to leave comments, be they positive or negative - honesty is what counts. You can click here to start reading it.

Here's the cover by the way:


Yay! I just submitted my YA paranormal romance book for publication on Amazon. It should be up within 24 hours, possibly less. In my personal experience, it's usually faster than that. I'll let you guys know when it's available.

Also, today was my first day working at a new job. It, could have been better. That's all I'll say. Anyway, life's wonderful, and I'm blessed with many great things. So, smile and be happy...or at least try to be...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So, I'm going to publish Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks on Amazon today - only a few hours left 'til I do. I'm so excited, I can't sleep, which is a bad thing, as I need to get up in five and a half hours. I hope I'll at least get tree hours of sleep tonight, 'cause I'll definitely need all the energy I can use once I wake up.


There are so many stories I wanna write, it simply drives me insane. Yet, I don't quite have the time to write them all at once. I wish I could just shut myself away, stack up on Red Bull, noodles and Coke and just type away for a whole year, pausing only yo tend to my human needs. Writing is just so...beautiful and dear to me. It's something I really hold dear to my heart. I love it, looooove it! Looooove it! 


I think by now it's pretty obvious, but I'm still gonna say it: I've decided to write paranormal and dystopian romance. The reason being I found I like it very much. There's a lot more feeling and not quite so much action - action is good, but too mcuh of anything kinda takes the wind out of the stories's sails - which is a nice change for me, as it turns out I'm somewhat of a romantic. At least, I think I am. Read the upcoming books and decide for yourselves.

I'd also like to say that I watched Ironman 3 and wow! Just wow! The best Ironman movie so far! I loved it so much, I eneded up watching it twice in a row. The Trevor Slattery part was so funny. (Spoiler) He got what was coming to him, though - which is a good thing, even though he was just a tool. (End of spoiler)

Also, tomorrow I start my new job...Life's a tussle, you gotta hustle, right?


So, I've just finished writing the first chapter of my vampire book entitled Immortal Blood. I plan to revise and edit it a little before letting you guys take a glimpse. It has a new side to it - I think I might have mentioned it earlier - which makes it absolutely awesome. There's going to be a forbidden-love triangle. Simultaneously, I am writing the first installment of Antonia Bells, which is also a love story involving Antonia Bells and two guys. I think girls and women will love these, especially the latter of the two, but the former, too. I have a hunch that these two will be a hit with the ladies. 


So, I've been thinking lately, why is it that I write, regardless of whether anyone's reading? The answer came almost naturally: I write because I enjoy the process. I write because I want people to read my work and experience what I have with the many stories that are available to millions and billions of people across the world. I want the Reader to connect with me and my characters, to soak up what I'm trying to deliver and get across.

I honestly don't believe that there's anything more pleasurable than typing away at a keyboard and weaving tales that will live on once you're gone. Creating fictional characters, places and worlds that take you away from the here and now, that make you want to tear up or yelp with excitement is what I strive to achieve. Have I managed? I don't know. You tell me. 


If you've read any of my books, don't hesitate to leave a review, be it positive or negative. Honesty is what does it for me, what improves creative writing and storytelling. I personally am not sure I could ever say I hate a book, because I know how much hard work it takes to produce one, but if that's exactly what you feel when you read my lines, don't be afraid to say so. So, be honest and talk about my books! Word-of-mouth is what every writer needs, after all. 


As you read this, I am waiting for my Victoria Carnahan formatting to be sent to me, after which I will publish it on Amazon - you can count on it! I'm also awating book reviews and will soon start applying for interviews and giveaways on other blogs. If you know any particularly good ones, let me know.

I'd also like to say: If you enjoy reading my books - every single one of them will soon be a hit novel, wait and see; they're future Amazon bestsellers - you should spread the word about them. Wherever and whenever, but sites like Amazon, Kindleboards, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad and Scribd come to mind. Also, I encourage you to mention it to your friends and family - word-of-mouth is probably the most effective advertising. That way I'd have more time to write, and not have to worry about promotion too much. Which I do, on a daily basis.

Also, I haven't had much time to work out lately, which really sucks. In fact, I haven't worked out in ten days...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I love it when a book has an attractive and strong female character. I don't know why, I just do. I could probably write a whole library of books about a badass girl that slays vampires, werevolves, zombies - you name it. Moreover, I also really like it when they come with brains to boot. That's one of the reasons why I like Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. I can't wait to get my hands on the latest game in the series, by the way! But my two most favourite game franchises of all time are definitely Uncharted and the Elder Scrolls.


For several days now, I've been seriously contemplating writing a good old alien invasion novel - apocalyptic kind of one. Now, I know I've got aliens in one of my stories - but those are sophisticated, good-looking, really awesome, amiable even - but I'm talking creating a world where beast-ish extraterrestials come in. The type of let's give those ugly mugs a good butt kicking and send them back to wherever the hell they came from.

In addition to that, I've really been looking into Norse and Greek mythology, and it shames me to admit that I still haven't managed to come up with anything that is truly original. Not just written in a new way, but realy new and fresh, with mind-boggling events and characters. I should look into that...

But for now, I'll go listen to some Rihanna - Stay ft Mikky Ekko, then Landa Del Rey's Summertime Sadness and I'll probably finish it up with Adele - Skyfall. 


At this point in time, I'm trying to tell the story of a girl named Antonia Bells. It's a young adult novel that embodies apocalyptic elements and paranormal romance, as well as magic. I think it has a fresh touch to it; something that's unique.

I've also begun writing a zombie as well as a separate vampire book - no there are no werevolvews in it, they've been replaced by some other beings. Then there's this idea that I keep putting on the back burner about a rebellious robot, but it just won't leave me alone. I already know what the title will be.

Let's see. What else? Oh, yeah, almost forgot, I've stopped drinking coffee, as it results in abdominal pain whenever I have some. So I've gone back to Red Bull and Burn. Those two are a lethal combo...


I've finished my book, Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks, which is primarily a story written for teenagers about a teenage girl attending a private sorcery school in Switzerland (spoiler: she has a magic wand, a female werewolf and mermaid friend). The formatting should be done by Wednesday (tomorrow) and you should totally read it! Because I know you're as much a Harry Potter fan as I am. And, if I were you, I'd want someone to have written this book for me. So get excited and stay tuned! 


So, here's what I wanted to address today: My book entitled Peter Simmons and the Sovereign (currently available for $.99 - I'm practically giving it away for free - here). Here it comes: Peter Simmons and the Sovereign is going to be split into 3 different parts. The reason being that it's nearly 216,000 words long, and already three book reviewers (God thank you for each and every book reviwer out there! They are the best!) have politely rejected me for that specific reason - which is normal, as they are swamped with work.

So, after scratching my head and doing some research on the length of other indie literary works out there, I've decided to publish three around-70,000-word-long books instead. I've already contacted my wonderful illustration artist, Igor Lukyanov, and we're now working on the first installment's cover. So, placed in sequence, you should soon be able to read Peter Simmons and the Vessel of Time, Peter Simmons and the Sarpian Triplets, and Peter Simmons and the Sovereign (by the way, the're gonna be plenty more Peter Simmons books coming somewhere in the near future). In light of that, I'd get the whole thing while I still can. (here)

Here's the blurb: Peter Simmons thinks he is an ordinary boy, before he is abducted by a man with certain special abilities, learns of his inescapable destiny, befriends immortals and becomes famous worldwide. Why? Because Peter Simmons is mankind's last hope for survival.

It is so much more than just that, though! Trust me, I'm not just saying this! The book will carry you away if you let it. Just give it a shot.

Feedback, reviews, support and comments this way please - 'cause everyone is need of those! I can't wait to see how you guys react to it - of course, after all this work, I hope you'll like it. In fact, I hope you'll love it! After all, I've written it for your entertainment, world!

Once again, here's the link to Peter Simmons and the Sovereign. Read it, rate it, review it and discuss it. You will love it! You will! You can also go to, if you like, and type in 'Ramz Artso' in the serch bar to find my work.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So, I've finally done it. After all the e-book, Kindle formatting I'm finally done. Peter Simmons and the Sovereign can now be read on Kindle. I love this book. This story and I have spent so much time connecting, it feels like it will forever be a part of me. I am currently busy writing other stories, but Peter Simmons is my personal favourite. It's just...the best. I love it, and that's exactly why people will, too. I was excited when I was putting it together. Not once did I have to force myself to finish a page. So, in one word, enjoy...It's nearly 216, 000 words long! Here's the link:

That's it for now. Going to go back to my laptop and work on becoming a better writer. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


So, I'll start by saying that I've had a horrible formatting experience and am therefore currently in the process of going at it again. This time, I think I'll get the job done. So please be patient, as I want my readers to have a top-class product on their hands, not some mishmash of God knows what! That said, I present you with the cover for my debut novel, Peter Simmons and the Sovereign, that's going to be republished on Amazon any day now, as well as on Smashwords - after an elapse of KDP Select's ninety-day package.