Friday, October 18, 2013


Hey there, my peeps. So I've had the great oppurtunity to type up a guest post about how to battle writer's block for Samantha Coville's blog. Here's the link (here) so go check it out, and who knows, maybe my methods will work for you, too. And if you don't have writer's block, take a peek anyway, as Samantha is an author and a bookworm and you just know that means she's go lots of interesting things to impart.

Also, I've been having a very busy week, scheduling this and that. So, I haven't managed to do much writing of late, and that makes me sad, as I live to write. My Alienware computer is still dead and I'll be taking it to experts on Monday, too.

By the way, do you want to watch a great movie that I absolutely loved as a child? Google Jumanji and be blown away.

Ramz out...

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